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company news about How to improve the efficiency of AC solenoid

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How to improve the efficiency of AC solenoid

1. It adopts closed structure and has good moisture-proof characteristics.


2. Through the computer reliability design, it has the advantages of reasonable flow, light weight, large suction and low energy consumption.


3. The electromagnetic coil of AC regulator is treated with different technology, which improves the electrical product and process performance of electromagnetic coil. The thermal grade of raw material of cable sheath exceeds grade C, and its service life is long.


4. The rated current plug-in duration of universal solenoid is increased from 50% in the past to 60%, which improves the application efficiency of AC electromagnet.


5. The ultra-high temperature solenoid adopts unusual thermal insulation Among them, the temperature of the absorbed material has the past 6. At present, electromagnets are widely used. Perhaps there are many kinds of electromagnets, such as glass sucker electromagnet and AC electromagnet. Generally speaking, AC electromagnet cooperates with all kinds of overweight machines and is widely used in steel industry and heavy machinery production Manufacturing companies, shipbuilding companies, steel depots, ports and high-speed rail lines are used to replace human resource management and transport all kinds of ferromagnetic materials.


The solenoid of communication can be said to be the most rational electromagnetic and magnetic induction manipulator for transporting various steel raw materials. It can completely liberate everyone from the risk, extreme and complex geographical environment of employees. In addition, it can also melt into various extreme sites, such as high temperature, dust, water, harmful, cold, wild and so on. It is an essential electrical equipment for transportation, steel industry, machinery manufacturing and other processing and manufacturing industries.


In addition, the control system of AC electromagnet is a set of control system for all normal operation of AC electromagnet. Its function is to make the AC electromagnet cut off and demagnetize, plug in the excitation current according to the instructions, or force the AC regulator to expand the suction of the AC electromagnet. It can also adjust its suction to carry out the daily task of carbon steel sheet separation and dumping. Moreover, it can maintain the suction of the AC electromagnet when the power is off, so as to avoid accidents caused by the landing of steel lifting Therefore, the damage of mechanical equipment expands the application industry of electromagnet.

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