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company news about Solenoid solves the problem of optical instrument dimming

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Solenoid solves the problem of optical instrument dimming

With the development of China's manufacturing, we have to use imported parts for many parts and electrical solutions, such as the electromagnet we commonly use. However, there are several headache problems with imported electromagnets: 1. The price is expensive. Compared with the domestic electromagnets of the same model, it costs 50% or more more more. 2. The cycle is long, and the imported parts almost take 8-10 weeks Time, so for products that need rapid turnover, the time cost is high.

Based on the above two points, many manufacturers hope to make their products localized. I have nearly ten years' experience in the electromagnet industry, and I have also encountered the localization of imported electromagnets. We have produced them according to the customer's samples one to one. However, in terms of performance, such as the service life, corrosion resistance, touch time, push pull force and retention force of the electromagnet, there is a big gap between them According to my experience, the following factors lead to the gap between our existing products and imported parts:


1. Mold design process. As we all know, electromagnets need hardware and plastic mold. The basic principles of mold design are similar, but there is still a big gap between China and Germany, Japan and even Taiwan when designing precision molds;


2. The purity of raw materials, or the conductivity of enameled wire, we still have a gap with foreign countries in resistance, purity and magnetic conductivity;


3. The difference of electroplating process. I have experienced the same galvanizing treatment. The electromagnet imported from Japan can pass the 96 hour smoke test, while the electroplating products of our company can only pass 36 hours.

I believe many colleagues have encountered similar problems when dealing with domestic electromagnets and imported parts. Welcome to discuss them together!

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