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company news about What factors affect the static characteristics of frame electromagnet

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What factors affect the static characteristics of frame electromagnet

As the object of linking electronics and power control, the performance of electromagnet directly determines the quality of products. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct in-depth research on electromagnet, analyze the product quality by using finite element analysis method, summarize it in time, and find out its law. Then, what factors affect the static characteristics of push-pull electromagnet with good quality and good service?

1、 Lateral clearance

The lateral clearance of push-pull electromagnet shall not be too small, which will increase the friction. If it needs to be processed within the design range, the processing cost of the product will be very high, which is not conducive to mass production. If it is too large, it will increase the magnetic leakage, so that the output force of the product under the same excitation coil will be significantly reduced. The calculation results show that with the decrease of the lateral air gap, the magnetic flux flows more smoothly, the total magnetoresistance decreases, and the output thrust of the product is greater. On the contrary, the total magnetoresistance increases and the output thrust decreases.

2、 Welding area design

The design of the welding area of push-pull electromagnet is related to the product performance. Here it means that the different shape and width of the conical surface before chamfering will have a great impact on the electromagnetic force. On the premise of keeping other parameters unchanged, with the increase of the width of the cone angle, the first half of the curve gradually sinks and the second half gradually tilts up. For the electromagnet, the output force and effective working stroke are the key to measure the product performance. Therefore, the requirements of output force and effective working stroke should be taken into account when designing the electromagnet.

3、 Main working air gap

The main working air gap is defined as the distance from the chamfered part to the end face of the armature. The distance between the armature and the pole shoe is made of inverse magnetic material. This combination process can well meet the application requirements. The function of the magnetic isolation ring of the push-pull electromagnet is to cut the stroke force characteristic curve of the non-horizontal section, indirectly save the output power of the product and make full use of the energy of the coil.

The above are the three factors affecting the static characteristics of push-pull electromagnets with good reputation. Through finite element simulation analysis, the effects of lateral clearance, welding area design and main working air gap on electromagnets are clearly analyzed, which provides a good basis for the future development of new electromagnet products and saves resources for the subsequent development of new products, It brings great convenience to future work.

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