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company news about What is the difference between solenoid manufacturers

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What is the difference between solenoid manufacturers

Although both magnet and solenoid products have magnetic field, the characteristics of the two products are different. Electromagnet manufacturers are mainly electrified magnetic field magnetic energy, and the magnet itself has a magnet, the advantages and disadvantages of each magnet are different! Magnet: is a kind of natural iron ore through processing and sintering, mainly ferrite magnet, NdFeB magnet, its composition contains iron, cobalt, nickel and so on. The atomic structure is special, and the atom itself has magnetic moment. Generally, these mineral molecules are placed in disorder. The interaction of magnetic regions does not show magnetism. The product does not have magnetism and magnetic field in production, so it is necessary to magnetize the product after sintering, forming and chamfering. The solenoid with iron core inside the electromagnet manufacturer is called electromagnet manufacturer. When the iron core is penetrated into the solenoid, the iron core is magnetized by the magnetic field of the solenoid. The magnetized iron core also becomes a magnet, so that the solenoid's magnetism is greatly enhanced due to the superposition of the two magnetic fields. In order to make the electromagnet factory more magnetic. In addition, the iron core of the electromagnet manufacturer is made of soft iron instead of steel. Otherwise, once the steel is magnetized, it will remain magnetic for a long time and can not be demagnetized, then the strength of its magnetism can not be controlled by the size of the current, and the merits of the electromagnet manufacturer will be lost.


The solenoid core is not magnetic, and it is generated by electricity. Generally, the charged particles inside the magnet are arranged in a regular way. The magnetic electromagnet manufacturer has the same property as the magnet when it is electrified. The magnetic force of the electromagnet manufacturer can also be changed, which is related to the number of turns of the coil and the current intensity, while the magnetic force of the magnet cannot be changed. The magnetism of electromagnet manufacturers can also be changed. When electrified, there is magnetic magnetism; when it is not electrified, there is no magnetism. However, the magnet has magnetism no matter under any circumstances. The magnetic pole of the electromagnet manufacturer can be changed, which is decided by the positive and negative poles of the electricity and the winding direction of the coil. The fundamental nature of the magnetic field exerts a force on the magnet placed in it. Only when the rotor is magnetized, can it interact with the magnetic field generated by the stator. Under the magnetic force of the magnetic field generated by the stator, the rotor can rotate. The stator of the small motor for teenagers is a permanent magnet, and the rotor is an electromagnet manufacturer. The stator of some household fans is a coil, which is also an electromagnet manufacturer. The rotor is a smaller electromagnet manufacturer. The magnetic field phase of the two is the same The interaction causes the rotor to rotate.


It is very attractive for solenoid factory to touch the shell of small motor with iron objects. It is stated that the stator is permanent magnet, and the floor fan which can not be touched by iron is not attractive or not. It is clarified that the manufacturer of stator electromagnet has no magnetism when the power is cut off. However, if the shell is made of iron, the iron will be magnetized under the magnetic field when it is turned on, and a small number of magnetism will be preserved when the power is cut off.

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