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Electrification frequency and temperature resistance condition of solenoid

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Electrification frequency and temperature resistance condition of solenoid

June 12, 2021
Latest company case about Electrification frequency and temperature resistance condition of solenoid

Many friends, when consulting the company's electromagnet manufacturers, our relevant business will prompt such requests as an electrifying frequency and temperature resistance of push-pull electromagnets. Why is this, probably most people know that one of the key factors in this is the screening of raw materials. Including push-pull type electromagnet used by the enamelled wire, enamelled wire suitable level request is different to the product special function is also different, if not ask understand, choose not suitable will be broken. Make it impossible to work with deformities. In view of the fact that some new customers are not satisfied with the products made by Yingchengxin push-pull type electromagnet factory, here we introduce from the beginning the electrification frequency and temperature resistance premise of our push-pull type electromagnet. Push-pull electromagnets wrap power-matched conductive windings around the outside of the core. This current-carrying coil is magnetic like a magnet. It is also called a frame electromagnet. Enameled wire at the beginning of the market may basically be divided into a pole, B Pole, F Pole, H Pole, C Pole, c + pole how many of these, and for some of the company's applications to do some explanation. Pole A: 90 ° temperature resistant. Push-type electromagnet such as electromagnet in the electrification has magnetism, after power cut magnetism subsequently disappear. The electromagnet has the extremely widespread application in our daily life, because of its invention also causes the generator power to obtain the very big enhancement. The price is cheap, because of the policy request at the beginning, in the push-pull type electromagnet work is basically no longer applied. B Pole: temperature resistant 120 ° . Most manufacturers apply such standards without request, but Deong electronics does not now, because B pole and F pole price is not much different, and Dehen from their own quality long-term consideration, now the lowest selection of F pole. F Pole: temperature resistant 150 ° . This pole is the company's minimum temperature grade, suitable for all types of constant standard products. H: temperature resistance 180 ° , suitable for some customers who have request for environment temperature C: Temperature Resistance 200 ° . This kind of product important application our car lamp push-pull type electromagnet and some quite high special product above. The slide rod of the Solenoid push-pull type electromagnet is made of pure iron through an active lathe. It has the characteristics of small magnetic hysteresis and excellent magnetic conductivity. The slide sleeve is individually made of brass, iron core according to customer request of the initial pull, adhere to pull and other requests to use pure iron to manufacture a variety of taper shape. SOLENOID push-pull type electromagnet consequences are very large, the application is also very common, despite its small size, in many mechanical equipment play an important consequence. We all know that the push-pull type electromagnet once the power will be generated, in the same power consumption, different size of the travel direction of the size of the power is different. In the same stroke case, if different power consumption, then the solenoid push-pull type electromagnet force will be different, that is because different power consumption corresponds to different power ratio (both duty cycle) . There is a rule for reference: 1, Travel Power Down; 2, power consumption power up. The ambition sought is that a push-pull electromagnet may produce a force/stroke curve that is just right for the application of the required force/stroke curve. In the application of Solenoid push-pull type electromagnet, it is necessary to consider the safety function, that is to say, the test of force should be push-pull type electromagnet under a certain electrification rate, the force measured after the temperature rise is stable is the force of push-pull type electromagnet, in some cases, the initial force is about 1.5 times that of a steady temperature rise. If the power-on rate of the product is very low (only a few times a day, and the time is very short) , the safety factor can be reduced to 1.2 times. The application process of Solenoid push-pull electromagnet may be unstable and the temperature is too high. Therefore, the selling engineer of the company will be more specific to understand the application situation of the customer, and will also ask the customer in the small-batch trial process, be Sure to do a full examination, individual push-pull type electromagnets in the successive application of 2 hours after the temperature plateau, and then measure the push-pull type electromagnet body nominal temperature is not more than 80 degrees, the company to military quality to strictly request quality, lightning sample production services to meet the high-end customers on product quality requirements, ten years of production of two-way rotating push-pull type electromagnet, Pin Angle push-pull type electromagnet, frame push-pull type ELECTROMAGNET, Suction Cup push-pull type electromagnet, the two-foot push-pull type ELECTROMAGNET has provided high-quality service for printing, high-speed railway, rail transportation, electric automation profession, finance profession, electronic equipment profession, amusement profession and so on. Push-pull electromagnets wrap power-matched conductive windings around the outside of the core. This current-carrying coil is magnetic like a magnet. It is also called a frame electromagnet. We will work around the clock to better serve our customers

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