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Application of electromagnet for Metro Platform screen door

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Application of electromagnet for Metro Platform screen door

June 12, 2021
Latest company case about Application of electromagnet for Metro Platform screen door

The platform screen door system used in the subway is a typical mechatronics engineering product, which is arranged along the platform edge of the subway, separating the station platform from the running tunnel of the locomotive, not only preventing people and goods from falling into the track, in addition, the energy consumption of the air conditioning and ventilation system in the station is reduced, and the influence of the train running noise on the station is reduced. The electromagnetic lock of the platform screen door belongs to the sliding door system of the metro platform screen door system, which carries on the auxiliary safety control for the normal opening and closing of the sliding door, in order to guarantee the opening and closing of the sliding door reliably and smoothly. In addition to ensuring the absolute safety of trains and passengers when entering and leaving the stations, the installation of metro platform screen doors (a kind of mechanism controlled by electromagnets) can also greatly reduce the number of times the driver looks at the station and lighten the mental burden of the driver, the utility model can effectively reduce the loss of the cold and hot air on the platform caused by the air convection, reduce the influence of the noise produced by the train operation on the station, and provide a comfortable waiting environment with the functions of energy saving, safety, environmental protection and aesthetics. The Metro Platform screen door system can reduce the cooling load of the air conditioning equipment by more than 35% , the Gross leasable area of the environment controlled computer room by 50% and the electricity consumption of the air conditioning by 30% . The ventilation and air-conditioning system of subway should be comprehensively compared with the transportation capacity of subway, local climate conditions, comfort requirements of personnel, operation and management costs, etc. , as a basis to determine whether the station is equipped with electromagnetic lock/iron shield door. The electromagnetic lock for Metro screen door used in rail transit comprises a base and an electromagnetic controller, one side of the electromagnetic controller is provided with a proximity switch base, and a connecting rod runs through the base and the electromagnetic controller, the bottom part of the connecting rod close to the electromagnetic controller is sleeved with a buffer sleeve, the bottom part of the connecting rod close to the buffer sleeve is bolted with a baffle, the bottom part of the connecting rod is bolted with a buckle hand, and the top side of the buckle hand is provided with a linkage structure group, through induction to an input signal to the electromagnet, the use of electromagnet principle to open and close the screen door.

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