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Application of electromagnet solenoid in all kinds of channel gates

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Application of electromagnet solenoid in all kinds of channel gates

June 12, 2021
Latest company case about Application of electromagnet solenoid in all kinds of channel gates

Automatic parking identification system, subway market entry and exit gate machine and other special equipment used for all kinds of access and exit management, we can use, electric road gate can be realized by Remote Control Landing Rod, can also be through the parking lot management system (that is, IC card management system) to implement automatic management state. How to use the brake lever to open it, where the electromagnet generated inside the function is very large. Taking three-roller gate as an example, the working principle of the full-automatic three-roller gate movement is as follows: 1. The base of the movement is supported by a 1.5 mm square triangle bracket; A lot of the guys in the business use metal plates. 2. The movement is mainly composed of two 24V, 15W square electromagnets (opening and closing) , which are normally not connected with electricity. After receiving the opening signal, the voltage of opening and opening the lock is stimulated to open 24V, the voltage of opening and opening the lock is kept at 12V, the power is not supplied after passing through and a 12V, 3w round electromagnet (pole-drop bracket, power-off Pole) a travel switch and hydraulic damper (to reduce impact force, noise, noise 70 DB (> 30 DB < 50 DB)) , turntable and Gate Pole; 3, electromagnet working principle: Coil through 24V weak electricity, become artificial electromagnet, adsorption brake lock arm unlock, coil power cut, lock arm reset, stuck gear cam. 4, normally open state adjustment: Manual adjustment and Electric Control Adjustment, manual adjustment is to adjust the electromagnet tail screw; electric control adjustment has been to electromagnet solenoid power.


Intelligent swing gate is a non-contact channel detection and control of intelligent channel management equipment, using the latest mechatronics engineering control and driving technology, multi-group sensors to achieve access control, this device, in conjunction with the access control device, provides high-quality access control by allowing authorized personnel to pass through without any hindrance, without having to be individually inspected and denied unauthorized access. Wing Gate has the characteristics of quick opening, safety and convenience. It is an ideal management equipment for high-frequency passageway It can cooperate with smart card to realize the function of off-line ticket management system, and form the unattended management of personnel in and out. The three-roller gate is mainly suitable for the situation where the flow of people is relatively large. The channel width of the three-roller gate can reach up to 550 mm. Therefore, the three-roller gate is only suitable for passing people, and is not suitable for the passage of non-motor vehicles. The shape of the three-roller gate is relatively monotonous, but its practicality can be said relative to the other two kinds of brake, three-roller brake cost-effective is the largest.

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