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Successful research and development of charging pile solenoid

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Successful research and development of charging pile solenoid

April 22, 2021
Latest company case about Successful research and development of charging pile solenoid

The function of the charging pile is similar to the gas dispenser in the gas station. It can be fixed on the ground or wall and installed in public buildings (public buildings, shopping malls, public parking lots, etc.) and residential parking lots or charging stations. It can charge various types of electric vehicles according to different voltage levels. The input end of the charging pile is directly connected with the AC power grid, and the output end is equipped with charging plugs for charging electric vehicles. Charging pile generally provides two kinds of charging methods: conventional charging and fast charging. People can use a specific charging card to swipe the card on the man-machine interactive operation interface provided by the charging pile to carry out corresponding charging methods, charging time, cost data printing and other operations. The charging pile display screen can display the charging amount, cost, charging time and other data.

Each charging point uses a push-pull solenoid, which generates a stroke at the moment of power on and power off. This can play the role of electromagnetic lock.

In the traditional charging pole solenoid is very large in volume and requires a lot of power, such solenoid is not very good for energy saving.

Our engineers spent two years researching and developing the new solenoid, which has greater push-pull force and smaller power than the traditional 0837 solenoid. At present, it has been recognized by more than five customers.

The dimensions of this new solenoid are as follows:

1. Basic parameters (rated voltage)


1-1 working environment. Temperature (operatlng ambient lamp / humidity): - 20 ℃ ~ + 65 ℃, 5% ~ 95rh


1-2 storage environment. Temperature (store ambience IEMP / humidity): - 20 ℃ ~ + 45 ℃, 5% ~ 45% RH


1-3 insulation resistance: DC500v, ≥ 500m Ω (between coil and frame)


1-4 dielectric strength: dc700v, 50 / 60hz-1s (between coil and shell)


1-5 power: 14.4w DC12V, r = 10 Ω± 10%


1-6 insulation class: Class B 130 ℃


1-7 operation voltage range: DC12V ± 5%


1-8 stroke suction: 0 mm: ≥ 450g (no power holding force)


1-9 duty cycle: 10% ed intermittent, power on for 0.05 seconds, power off for 0.5 seconds


1-10 life: ≥ 500000 times, DC12V on 0.05 seconds, off 0.5 seconds is 1 time


1-11 temperature rise: ≤ 80 ℃ DC12V on for 0.05 s, off for 0.5 s, no load for 1 h


1-12 response time: ≥ 50ms DC12V stroke = 6mm no load


1-13 environmental protection (RoHS): comply with EU 2020 / 95 / EC (RoHS)


1-14 lead strength: 1.5kgf-30s, lead is normal

We have rich experience in solenoid R & D and customization. Welcome to process with drawings and samples.

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