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The application of rotary solenoid in medical equipment

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The application of rotary solenoid in medical equipment

April 22, 2021
Latest company case about The application of rotary solenoid in medical equipment

Rotating solenoid is the effect of product rotation after power on, reaching a certain angle, and will produce a certain torque.

It is often used in logistics sorting system and medical equipment. At present, the best regions of this kind of solenoid are the United States and Japan.

Many medical device companies in Chinese mainland rely on imported rotary solenoids from the United States or Japan, but many imported channels are blocked due to the influence of new type of coronary pneumonia. Recently, we have received a lot of telephone inquiries, hoping that we can customize this kind of rotary solenoid.

1: Generality

1.1: body size: diameter 36mm * height 35mm, diameter of rotating shaft: 5mm

1.2: voltage range: DC6V ~ dc110v, DC12V or above is recommended

1.3: rotation angle: 27 ° Default (customizable)

1.4: working style: bidirectional rotation, positive and negative universal

1.5: reset mode: spring reset

1.6: minimum life: 10 million times

2: Electrical parameters

Model: dt3635t

2.2: insulation resistance: 220m between coil and frame Ω( DC500v (normal temperature / humidity)

2.3: withstand voltage: ac1200v (50 / 60Hz) 1sec (breakdown current 10mA) (between coil and shell)

2.4: working temperature and humidity - 5 ℃ ~ + 55 ℃, 5% RH - 85% RH

2.5: there is no damage, crack, rust or surface stain on the appearance

With the efforts of our engineers, we spent two months of development time. This solenoid was approved by customers in the first sample. So far, three medical equipment customers have purchased this rotary solenoid from us.

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