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company news about Common shortcomings and treatment of push pull electromagnet series

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Common shortcomings and treatment of push pull electromagnet series
Latest company news about Common shortcomings and treatment of push pull electromagnet series

Push pull electromagnet, as one of the executors of fluid control active system, is widely used. However, there are some small problems in the process of application, so how to deal with them

Push pull electromagnet -- push pull electromagnet does not work after being electrified

Check whether the power supply wiring is bad → connect the wiring from the beginning to the connector

Check whether the power supply voltage is within ± operation range - → adjust the abnormal azimuth range

Whether the coil is desoldered → welding from the beginning

Coil short circuit → transfer coil

Whether the operation pressure difference is not suitable → adjust the pressure difference → or change the equivalent push-pull electromagnet

The fluid temperature is too high → the push-pull electromagnet with equal conversion

Impurities make the main valve core of push-pull electromagnet stuck with the moving iron core → the cleaning is interrupted. If the seal is damaged, the seal should be changed and the filter should be installed

The viscosity of liquid is too high, the frequency is too high, and the age is up → convert the product

Push pull electromagnet - push pull electromagnet cannot be closed

Seal of main valve core or iron moving core has been damaged → change over seal

Whether the fluid temperature and viscosity are too high

Impurities enter the push-pull electromagnet to produce valve core or moving iron core → stop cleaning

Tension spring life has reached or deformed → conversion

Orifice equalizing orifice clogging → timely cleaning

Operation frequency is too high or life is up → change product or update product

Push pull electromagnet - other cases

Internal leakage → check whether the seal is damaged and whether the tension spring is defective

External leakage → loose joint or damaged seal → tighten screw or change seal

Push pull electromagnet - there is noise when power on → the fastener on the head is loose and tightened. The pull type electromagnet adopts high magnetic conductivity material and magnetic circuit structure with cone-shaped fit, so although the product is small in volume and light in weight, compared with the conventional small electromagnet, its stroke and attraction are larger. Because of its high utilization of winding space, the coil part is open, and the heat dissipation effect is good. The push-pull electromagnet is wound on the outside of the iron core with a conductive winding matching its power. The coil with current is magnetic like a magnet, which is also called frame electromagnet. Push pull electromagnet we usually make it into bar or shoe shape to make the iron core more easily magnetized. In addition, in order to demagnetize the electromagnet immediately after power failure, we often use soft iron or silicon steel materials with fast demagnetization. The voltage does not shake and is not within the permitted range. Adjust the voltage properly. Iron core suction surface impurities or uneven, timely cleaning or conversion.

Push pull electromagnet - the above are the common faults and treatment methods of push-pull electromagnet. Only by strictly following the operation, timely cleaning the push-pull electromagnet and strengthening the maintenance after application, some problems can be avoided

latest company news about Common shortcomings and treatment of push pull electromagnet series  0

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