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company news about Electromagnet selection and device precautions

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Electromagnet selection and device precautions
Latest company news about Electromagnet selection and device precautions

There are many advantages: whether the magnetic field of push-pull electromagnet can be controlled by making or breaking current; the size of magnetic field strength can be controlled by the strength of current or the number of turns of coil (or the size of iron core); its magnetic pole can be controlled by the method of modifying current, etc.


1. First of all, check whether the push-pull electromagnet has unique selection parameters, such as power supply voltage, medium pressure, differential pressure, etc., especially the power supply. If it is wrong, the coil will be burnt out. The power supply voltage should be satisfied with the rated voltage, voltage stability category: communication + 10% ~ - 15%, DC + 10% ~ - 10%, usually coil components should not be disassembled.


2. If the medium will cause water hammer, then the push-pull electromagnet with the function of water hammer should be selected or the corresponding preventive measures should be taken.


3. Try not to let the push-pull electromagnet be electrified for a long time, so as to easily lower the coil service life and even burn out the coil. That is to say, the normally open and normally closed push-pull electromagnets cannot be used interchangeably.


4. A steam trap shall be installed at the inlet side of the push-pull electromagnet for steam, and the receiving position shall be skewed.


5. Before receiving, the pipeline shall be washed, and the metal powder, sealing material residue and rust scale in the pipeline shall be removed. The push-pull electromagnet is wound on the outside of the iron core with a conductive winding matching its power. The coil with current is magnetic like a magnet, which is also called frame electromagnet. Push type electromagnet such electromagnet has magnetism when it is powered on, and then the magnetism disappears after it is powered off. Electromagnet is widely used in our daily life. Because of its invention, the power of generator has been greatly improved. Pay attention to the cleanliness of the medium. If the medium is mixed with dirt, impurities, etc., which hinder the abnormal operation of the solenoid valve, a filter or filter should be installed in the pipeline.


6. The electromagnetic coil parts of individual push-pull electromagnets should be vertical upward, and the vertical device should be in the horizontal pipeline on the ground. If the device must be broken by space limit or working condition, it should be put forward in the selection and order. Otherwise, push-pull electromagnet may be formed, and abnormal operation is not allowed.


7. Manual shut-off valve should be added before and after push-pull electromagnet, and bypass should be set to facilitate the maintenance of push-pull electromagnet in case of defects.

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