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company news about Points for attention in selection of frame type / tube type push-pull electromagnet

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Points for attention in selection of frame type / tube type push-pull electromagnet
Latest company news about Points for attention in selection of frame type / tube type push-pull electromagnet

The push-pull solenoid is a non-standard product, and the coil parameters are not unique. We need to select / match reasonable specifications / coil parameters according to the specific requirements of users, and finally choose the electromagnet product that is most suitable for the requirements of customers. If the coil parameters do not match the actual use of users, it is easy to cause abnormal heating (overheating) of the coil, resulting in high temperature burning coil.

To select push-pull electromagnet products, we need to know the following information:

1. What are the requirements / limitations of solenoid dimensions?

Because the size will directly affect the stroke / pushing force of the electromagnet, the larger the volume is, the greater the stroke force can be displayed. In terms of shape, there are box structure and round tube structure.

2. What is the actual power on rate of solenoid?

If the power on rate is irregular, it is necessary to explain clearly the power on and power off conditions in the use process for the manufacturer to judge. Technicians will design the maximum power of the electromagnet coil according to the actual power on rate, so as to maximize the travel force. The smaller the power on rate is, the greater the power the coil can match and the greater the force of the electromagnet.

The premise of safe use is: the actual power on rate should be ≤ the designed power on rate of the coil. (Note: power on rate (ED) refers to the proportion of power on time in a cycle when the power on time and stop time are taken as a cycle. The power on rate can be calculated by the following formula:

Power on rate (ED)% = (power on time) / (power on time + stop time) × 100%

For example: power on for 1 second, power off for 9 seconds, then the power on rate = 1 / (1 + 9) * 100% = 10%

If the actual power on rate is higher than the designed power on rate of the coil, the temperature of the coil will rise and even exceed the limit temperature of the insulation type, which will reduce the life of the coil, and in serious cases, the coil will be burned.

3. What's the required distance?

The solenoid moving iron core is movable. The moving process of the moving iron core to the inside of the electromagnet is the change process of the stroke from large to small. The pulling action of the moving iron core is external. If it is push action, the connecting rod of the moving iron core extends from the other end. The moving process is outward extension, which is called push rod. It can push the load / switch and other structures.

4. How much action force (stroke force F) is required for the corresponding stroke?

Because the force corresponding to the process of travel change is variable, so the force should be combined with the corresponding travel. The larger the travel is, the smaller the corresponding force is. On the contrary, the smaller the travel is, the greater the corresponding force is.

5. The necessary structure of solenoid includes magnetic shell, coil framework, coil, moving iron core and fixed iron core.

Other non essential components include:

1) The push rod can only be used when the push type is realized, or when the stroke range of the moving iron core needs to be limited.

2) Clip spring + spring is used when spring reset is needed. Generally, the function of spring is to reset the moving iron core. If spring is needed to push the load, additional instructions and special design are needed.

3) Other parts, such as terminal block, silencing rubber pad, etc.

Conclusion: solenoid design involves a variety of influencing factors, it is recommended to contact business / customer service communication, put forward comprehensive performance parameters requirements, so as to facilitate technical personnel to give appropriate solutions and suggestions. Finally, the drawings marked with corresponding technical parameters shall prevail.


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