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company news about Principle and structure of push-pull solenoid

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Principle and structure of push-pull solenoid
Latest company news about Principle and structure of push-pull solenoid

When the current is stable, the number of magnetic coils is changed by pushing and pulling, so as to change the magnetic size.

The push-pull solenoid is composed of magnetic core, electromagnetic ring, linear sealing tube, wire, etc., forming a push-pull structure.

Conventional AC, DC push-pull electromagnet, starting working voltage and current, easy to burn coil, small traction and limited travel. The action of long-stroke traction electromagnet is simple and fast, the start-up time is increased by 0.10 seconds, and the return reset time is less than 0.05 seconds. The operation frequency exceeds 3800 times / hour. The power supply can be AC, DC or AC shared.

It can be started frequently or powered on for a long time. It is suitable for all kinds of simple or complex process flow. As an action actuator, it can realize remote control, centralized control or automatic control.

It is widely used in electric power, machinery, metallurgy, mining, petroleum, chemical industry, crane, cement packaging and other industries. It has the characteristics of reliable performance, sensitive action and long service life.

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latest company news about Principle and structure of push-pull solenoid  0

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