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Electromagnetic lock function of deposit cabinet in automatic deposit cabinet

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Electromagnetic lock function of deposit cabinet in automatic deposit cabinet

November 22, 2021

locker "It is to enable users to realize self-service storage of goods. It is also a name of automatic deposit cabinet and automatic bag storage cabinet. There is an electromagnetic lock in the deposit cabinet to realize intelligent setting. It originated in Japan and was later widely used in Taiwan. It began to appear and gradually applied in Chinese mainland in 1999. At present, it is mainly divided into two series: mechanical series and computer series. The main specifications are divided into 9 grids, 12 grids, 15 grids, 18 grids and 24 grids.

Product functions:

1. The operation is controlled and managed by the central CPU, which distributes the cabinet doors of the box and the status of various boxes. The electromagnetic lock control board of the storage cabinet is responsible for opening each cabinet door of the box.

2. Chinese LCD display information (prompt operation step information, available box number, storage box number, remind to extract barcode paper, display the entered password, prompt that the box is full, prompt that the printer is out of paper, prompt for deletion, prompt for unpacking and printing query list).

3. Computer control cabinet door cabinet, automatic unpacking, password forced unpacking, mechanical forced unpacking.

4. Set, display time and basic fault automatic detection notification.

5. Infrared real-time detection system, it is optional to refuse to close the door or keep it on behalf of others in case of illegal storage.

6. The management password can realize the functions of forced unpacking, unpacking, setting, query and so on.

7. Automatic paper feeding and automatic paper cutting.

8. It supports TCP / IP and takes RJ45 as the interface to easily access the LAN to realize remote verification and other functions.

9. The last status in the power-off code protection cabinet, including bar code information, time information and log information in the cabinet.

10. The electromagnetic lock, electric control lock and electromagnetic single tongue mechanical lock of the storage cabinet shall be hot coated with zinc for rust prevention.

11. A variety of working modes are available: public (one-time) mode and unit organ mode.

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