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Magnetic field of electromagnet (solenoid)

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Magnetic field of electromagnet (solenoid)

November 22, 2021

Magnetic field of electromagnet (solenoid):

1. Solenoid: solenoid is referred to as three-dimensional coil for short. It is a through wire tube with iron core in the internal core state of electromagnet. It is composed of coil and wire frame. Coil is also known as multi wound conductor. The interior of coil winding can be hollow. Whenever a current passes through the wire, the coil that does external work is called electromagnet (or solenoid). It is an active part that converts electric energy into magnetic energy and further into mechanical energy. Electric current can also be used to form a magnet, which we call electromagnet. The electromagnet is magnetic when it is powered on and loses its magnetism when it is powered off. The electromagnet is magnetic because the winding copper wire generates a circuit and forms a magnetic field when energized. A uniform magnetic field will be generated inside and outside the solenoid.

2. Magnetic field: the magnetic field induction outside the energized solenoid is sent from the north pole of the solenoid and returns to the South Pole. However, the direction of the magnetic field inside the energized solenoid is the opposite, pointing from the south pole of the solenoid to the North Pole. The polarity of the energized solenoid is related to the direction of the current. The commonly used is Ampere's law, which can be judged by the right-hand screw rule.

The electromagnet (solenoid) produced by our company has beautiful appearance, small volume, good magnetic uniformity and high magnetic field. The solenoids mainly produced by the company belong to DC magnetic field, which are applicable to all kinds of mechanical automation equipment, electronics, materials, medical treatment, aerospace, automation machinery, various disciplines of physics, as well as power generation equipment, electric equipment, instruments, electronic control, etc. our products are of high quality and low price. In terms of electromagnetic controllers and other products, Win market reputation has been praised by customers at home and abroad! Products can also be customized according to customer needs. Customers are welcome to call for details!

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