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Keep electromagnet is different from push-pull electromagnet, and the characteristics of bistable solenoid classification

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Keep electromagnet is different from push-pull electromagnet, and the characteristics of bistable solenoid classification

November 22, 2021

Different electromagnets have different working modes, and push-pull solenoid and holding electromagnet are also different.

The push-pull solenoid uses a coil to generate the maximum magnetic force in the minimum space. The assembled coil is packaged in a metal iron pipe and made of high permeability steel to achieve the minimum size and weight and generate the maximum attraction. The design of movable core is to use an auxiliary magnetic circuit to increase the output force by 20% ~ 50%.

The holding solenoid takes advantage of the permanent magnet. Its operating principle is similar to all linear electromagnets. When the coil is energized and the movable core moves, the power supply is cut off and the movable core will still stay in the energized position. The reason is that the permanent magnet will create a magnetic field to maintain the movable iron core. After power on, the power supply can be cut off, and the magnet can be used to maintain the power saving effect. The coil will not be burned due to high temperature after large power is generated instantly and maintained by the magnet for a long time.

Bistable solenoid: divided into single holding electromagnet and two-way holding electromagnet. The single holding electromagnet only keeps the iron core at one position at the end of the stroke, while the two-way holding electromagnet adopts a double coil structure, which can keep the iron core at two different positions at the beginning and end of the stroke, and the two positions have the same output force.

Single holding electromagnet: permanent magnet is used. Its working principle is similar to that of all linear moving electromagnets. When the coil is struck, the sliding rod moves to the iron core and finally stops at the end position. When the power supply is cut off, the sliding rod still remains at the original place. If the sliding rod returns, the opposite voltage or current must be applied. This kind of electromagnet can be made into two action forms: pull in and push out.

Single holding electromagnet: it has the advantages of stable operation, high precision, long service life, power saving, energy saving and environmental protection

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